Our Team

Our Teachers

Lauren Krueger Weeks, Psy.D.

Founder and Clinical Director

Lauren is the Founder and Director of The F.U.S.E. Program and F.U.S.E. Preschool. She is a licensed clinical child psychologist specializing in children with social challenges. Lauren received a BA in elementary education for children with special needs. After completing her Doctorate in child psychology, she trained for three years at Tufts Medical Center, Center for Children with Special Needs under a neuropsychologist and developmental behavioral pediatrician. She then opened her own private practice working with children, their families, and consulting for schools. Lauren then attained her certification in Relationship Development Intervention. (RDI). After many years of consulting for schools, she decided to open up her own school to integrate approach and better serve children with social challenges.

Kadie Hodnett, B.A

EEC Director II and Certified Lead Teacher

Kadie received a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Human Development and Family Studies. She brings to FUSE over ten years of experience working with children aged 6 months to 12 years. She has gained tremendous experience working in a variety of different capacities, e.g., teacher, camp counselor home based therapist, parent consultant, and director of an educational play group. She is currently training to become a certified RDI consultant.

Jennifer Deady, B.A

Advanced Certified Autism Specialist through IBBCES (ACAS#18488), EEC Certified Preschool Teacher

F.U.S.E. Teacher – Jennifer holds a bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She has over 20 years of experience working with young children diagnosed within the autism spectrum. Prior to joining F. U. S. E. School in 2013 as preschool teacher and social group facilitator, Jennifer provided direct service, parent training, school consultation and teacher training, as well as, designing and facilitating play based-social groups. She is trained in Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Social Thinking®, Zones of Regulation, and certified in Yoga and Mindfulness for Pre-K to grade 2. Jennifer enjoys teaching using a play-based approach. She is a DIR/Floortime® provider and working towards becoming an expert DIR/Floor time® Practitioner. Jennifer is also listed in the Social Thinking ® clinical training directory as a resource for those looking for knowledge about Social Thinking® methodology. Jennifer truly enjoys being a part of the F.U.S.E team.

Patrick Kevane, M.A.

Certified Special Education Teacher and Reading Specialist

Patrick Kevane is a certified Special Education Teacher and Reading Specialist in Watertown who joined the F.U.S.E. team in 2009. Since then he has filled many roles at F.U.S.E. including Home Service Provider, Camp Counselor, Group Facilitator, and Recess Games/Sports Facilitator. Patrick looks forward to continuing his work with F.U.S.E. and having fun being silly with the kids!

Kristen Carhardt B.A.

EEC Certified Lead Teacher

Kristen holds two bachelor’s degrees in both Education and Psychology and is currently training to become RDI certified. Kristen is thrilled to be a teacher at F.U.S.E. Preschool. She has over fifteen years’ experience working with young children and their families in groups, classrooms, and home-based settings as a pediatric sleep consultant.

Andreas George

Andreas is currently attending the University of Massachusetts Lowell for his Bachelor’s in English with a double minor in Education and Autism Studies. Andreas has been at FUSE for two years leading social groups, assisting classrooms during the school year, and is a head counselor in the FUSE Camp and FUSEcation programs.

Alyssa Nastri

Alyssa holds a master’s degree in Child Study & Human Development with a focus in clinical psychology, as well as two bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and English Literature. In 2013 she began working with children in various capacities, including as a therapeutic mentor, one-to-one aide, preschool literacy specialist, and summer camp assistant director. Alyssa spent two years interning at F.U.S.E. through Tufts University, and is very excited about being a first grade teacher for F.U.S.E.

Meghan Trefry

M.A.,EEC Certified Lead Teacherr

F.U.S.E. Teacher – Meghan has a Master’s degree in Special Education and Educational Psychology, and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and Psychology. She has worked with young children in various settings such as preschools, foster care, as well as a cheerleading and gymnastics coach. Meghan facilitates play-based social groups for F.U.S.E. and is a F.U.S.E. Summer Camp counselor. She is in the process of becoming RDI certified.