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Social Groups & Rates Fall 2018


FUSE Social Groups
Social Dyad (1:2 ratio)
These groups are for children who are ready to learn the concepts necessary for social problem solving.  These dyads are for children who need more facilitation than a larger group but are ready for peer to peer interactions. The dyad helps children internalize their understanding of concepts such as co-regulation, nonverbal communication,  flexible thinking, whole body listening, thinking about a peer’s plan, communicating your plan to the peer, and thinking about the peer.  The dyad is designed to be the introduction to social collaboration and problem solving.  A dyad is comprised of two children who are of matched age and developmental readiness.
Toddler & Parent Group
Every moment is a teachable moment! Research has shown that toddlers clearly benefit from when their parents receive training in strategies that help them build strong guiding relationships with their child. Our Stay and Play Parent-Toddler Group focuses on how to play with, teach, and understand your child better. Parents will learn how to build relationships, increase communication skills, and develop foundations for engagements. Children will have ample opportunities to play, explore new toys, participate in group activities, develop communication skills, and socialize with peers.

Social Play Group
In the social play group, children will learn the skills to effectively collaborate with peers such as making a play plan, communicating ideas to the group, internalizing strategies for flexible thinking, utilizing nonverbal problem solving, and regulating emotions. Given the structure and scaffolding, children will share their experience with their peers, appreciate peers’ ideas and thoughts and integrate other’s ideas into their own thinking.  We utilize both building type collaboration and gross motor movement to achieve our goals.
Sibling Group
All your children are important!  We are creating a group where your child with social challenges and their siblings can ALL learn to play and interact with each other in a positive way.  We will create and facilitate gross motor, collaboration, and pretend play interactions.  This group is for children/siblings aged 3 – 12 years.  There is a maximum of eight children for this group.
Music & Movement
Explore singing, dancing, and playing instruments in this lively, musical class.  Concepts such as high and low, loud and quiet, and up and down are taught in a game-like atmosphere as you move your body with the group. Participation will improve coordination and develop a sense of musical timing and rhythm.
Zones of Regulation®
Our new Zones of Regulation Group is designed to help your child identify and understand feelings and level of alertness.  Through a variety of different activities including role play, your child will also learn about effective self-regulation tools and strategies.  Participants will learn what is the expected self-regulation in different circumstances and matching one’s zone or regulation to the social context and environment. This group will provide teaching tools and take home resources for parents to carry over at home and share with their child’s school.
Recess Games
Recess is the most anticipated yet hardest part of the day for many of our kids.  The main focus is to teach each child ways to join into a game at recess or the park, to stay focused on the rules yet appreciate when they evolve with play, and to maintain excited engagement.  The hope is  to have children who have a difficult time engaging during recess to feel confident in their abilities and want to participate with peers.  We will also focus on initiating ideas and being flexible when something unexpected happens during play. We will expect all participants to work on team work, peer leadership, and social thinking (e.g. giving compliments and advice to friends).
Girls Group
This All Girls Group is for girls who have already participated in a social play based group and have fluidity in the social thinking concepts.  The girls will make connections, discuss differences, and build friendships all while continuing to work on social thinking concepts.  They will build their skills in sharing and accepting other’s ideas, perspective taking, problem solving, and regulating emotions.  Activities will be based on the interests of the girls sharing ideas, creating a plan, and following through.
Lego® Social Group offers children the chance not only to socialize, but to explore their creativity and learn about architecture, mechanics, motors, and design in a safe, fun environment.  Through themed activities and ‘free building’ sessions children attending Lego® Social Group will improve their fine motor abilities and develop team working skills they can use in daily life.  Most importantly, the children get to have fun playing with friends and building with Legos.
Yoga, Mindfulness, and Adventure Skills
Children will enjoy a variety of yoga poses, movement to music, and movement stories.  They will also practice mindfulness exercises and use specific self-regulation techniques, called Adventure Skills.
Thinking Beyond Reading
FUSE presents Thinking Beyond Reading which focuses on thinking beyond the text and ties in directly with the language we use in all of the groups here at FUSE. This group is designed to help children with their reading comprehension, not focusing on phonics. Children will enjoy re-enactments, puppetry, and felt boards.

ALL Social groups are run by trained staff, supervised by Lauren Weeks and Jennifer Deady.  Children are carefully placed in groups based on many criteria including age, developmental level, social group readiness, and input from the family and Lauren Weeks.  The mission of the social groups is to teach children each aspect of social collaboration and communication so that the strategies and skills will generalize to peer group interactions.  We will teach through the activities and games aspects of social referencing, co-regulation, flexibility, thinking about the group plan and more.  Each child works on his or her own individual goals during the group activity at the same time as the group goal is being addressed.

FUSE social groups integrate the philosophy and principles of RDI (Relationship Development Intervention), Social Thinking, and Mindfulness to create one FUSEd, integrated approach for children to learn how to naturally, confidently, and flexibly navigate the social world.

For questions please contact:

Lauren Weeks



If interested in social groups please download the FUSE program Intake Form then email completed form to Lauren at the email above.

Social Groups run weekly from September 17-December 15.  Number of sessions vary due to holidays and vacations and are priced accordingly.