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FUSE Therapeutic Summer Program

The FUSE Therapeutic Summer Program are four-day/week programs for children ages three to nine. The program is offered during February and April vacation weeks and six weeks during the summer. The ratio of counselor to children during the summer is the same as the schools: 2 counselors to 5-7 children.

​If you are interested in your child attending our Therapeutic Summer Program and are not already a FUSE Program participant, please contact us for an intake evaluation.

​Our unique small ratio and hands-on approach provide your child with an environment conducive to learning life-long skills in play and problem solving, while building meaningful relationships with friends.

​Payment is required up-front. You will receive an invoice that includes diagnostic and treatment codes. We will do our best in assisting you in your reimbursement efforts.

Lexington & Norwood

2020 Summer Options

Come join us as we create friendships, build teamwork skills, stretch flexibility and share lots of silliness!  Have a question feel free to contact Lauren Weeks.

June Option 1 – $600 (reimbursable) – remote
June 8 – 25 – Full Online Therapeutic Summer Program with weekly themes

  • Morning and early afternoon zoom with a lunch bunch zoom
  • Daily activities
  • Monday – Thursday

June Option 2 – $1200 – in FUSE
June 8 – 11 Online Zoom once per day (mon – thurs)

  • Get ready for joining a friend and a teacher at FUSE
  • Learn about wearing a mask
  • Learn about washing hands
  • Taking temperature
  • Separating from parent

June 15 – 25 IN FUSE DYAD

  • Once per day / 1.5 hour (no food)
  • Dyad – two children one teacher
  • Goal – get used to being at Fuse and around a peer
  • Same health precautions as below

Weeks June 29 – August 6 (MONDAY – THURSDAY)

Option 1 -Full remote online program – $1200

  • 2 activities based zooms and a lunch zooms daily
  • Daily activities sent home Each week has a theme
  • 1 parent check in per week


  • IN FUSE Therapeutic Summer Program 9:00 – 1:30 *** NEW TIME CHANGE – allows more time outside!! Theme weeks Daily written communication to parents Small groups max 5 kids – groups stays as one entity all day No mixing of groups inside or outside One teacher and one assistant NO extended day Precautions Taken in June and July
  • Staff and children wear masks
  • No standing water pools
  • FUSE follows intense cleaning protocol
  • Temp check every morning for ALL staff and ALL children
  • Stagger start time/pick up time
  • Live drop off and pick up / staff escorts child to classroom / car – waiting room is closed
  • Every family fills out a form before the program starts regarding health and exposure
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