The FUSE Program combines the work and theories of Steven Gutstein’s Relationship Development Intervention, Michelle Garcia Winner’s Social Thinking, and Karen Levine’s Replays to create a FUSEd approach for children with social challenges. The FUSE Program supports the child in all areas of social functioning that are difficult for him/her, fostering a more positive successful everyday experience for the child. When a child enters the FUSE Program, the child is assessed to better understand his/her strengths and weaknesses in relation to their social engagement, problem solving, flexibility, communication, collaboration and perspective taking. The FUSE Program uses a systematic series of objectives based on typical social development and the theories and results from the RDI and Social Thinking programs. The child begins their work with the FUSE team at the appropriate objective based on the assessment and is supported both in the office with parent child sessions, at home with a home based service provider, and then when ready, peer/dyad/group sessions with targeted objectives. The goal is to generalize these objectives with siblings and then friends in everyday life scenarios.

Parent Testimonials

Lauren has been instrumental in helping my family, including my autistic child, for several years. She is smart, creative and caring, and my family has benefited greatly from the therapy she provides. We particularly appreciate that she adapts her approach to the needs of the child versus a “one-size-fits all” approach. I recommend her strongly to any family needing help in addressing autism. She is great at keeping us on a positive path.


Our Team

Lauren Krueger Weeks, Psy.D.

Clinical Director

Lauren is the Founder and Director of The FUSE Program and FUSE Preschool.  She is a licensed clinical child psychologist specializing in children with social challenges. Lauren received a BA in elementary education for children with special needs. After completing her doctorate in child psychology, she trained for three years at Tufts Medical Center, Center for Children with Special Needs under a neuropsychologist and developmental behavioral pediatrician. She then opened her own private practice working with children and their families and consulting to schools.  She then attained her certification in Relationship Development Intervention (RDI). After many years of consulting to schools she decided to open her own school to integrate approaches to better serve children with social challenges.

Jennifer Deady, B.A., EEC Certified Lead Teacher, Certified Autism Specialist
Social Group Director and FUSE Preschool Teacher
Jennifer holds a BA in Sociology and Psychology. She has over 20 years of experience working with young children and their families. The majority of these years working specifically with children diagnosed within the autism spectrum. Jennifer has designed and facilitated play-based social skills groups for children ages 3 to 10 years old diagnosed with Asperger’s, High Functioning Autism/PDD-NOS, Social Anxiety and children with Social Emotional Challenges. She has held many roles, in-homes, at schools, as well as, providing school consultation and teacher training. Jennifer is a certified yoga teacher and movement & mindfulness curriculum teacher. She has completed her level one DIR certificate and is also in the process of becoming RDI certified.

Lauren Gabriel M.A.
FUSE Preschool Teacher
Lauren holds a Masters degree in Child Development and a BA in Psychology. While earning her degrees Lauren worked at the Eliot Pearson Children’s School as a graduate teaching assistant, and as a fellow at Boston Children’s Hospital for the Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Program. After working at FUSE as a counselor over the past two summers Lauren is excited to join FUSE as a teacher and after school social group leader. She is currently in the process of becoming EEC lead teacher and RDI certified.

Kadie Hodnett,B.A., EEC Director II and Certified Lead Teacher
Fuse Preschool Program Director
Kadie received a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and Human Development and Family Studies. Kadie brings over ten years of experience working with children 6 months to 12 years. She has worked in a variety of settings such as teacher, camp counselor, home based therapist, parent consultant, and director of an educational play group. She is currently training to become a certified RDI consultant.

Patrick Kevane, M.A.
Patrick Kevane is a Special Education Teacher who works at Watertown Public Schools providing inclusion support for Kindergarten and First Grade. Patrick has worked with FUSE since 2009 doing Home Services, Sports, Summer Camp and Social Groups. Patrick looks forward to working with his groups and having some fun being silly with the kids!

Lizzy Scinto
FUSE Preschool Director of Development and Teacher
Lizzy joined FUSE in 2014 as a teacher at FUSE Preschool . She brings a wealth of experience working with children from a variety of ages and backgrounds as a nanny, swim instructor, youth garden director and overnight and day camp counselor. She enjoys working with children and parents to modify behavior and build fulfilling relationships. Lizzy loves to play and leads dyads, movement groups and play based social groups at FUSE.

Jennifer Sutton, M.A., EEC Certified Lead Teacher
FUSE Kindergarten Teacher
Jennifer has a master’s degree in Reading Specialty, Moderate Disabilities and English Language Learning and a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Jenn has been working with 4 to 6 year old students for eight years, in a small non-profit learning center as well as substituting in a public school system.

Meghan Trefry, M.A., EEC Certified Lead Teacher
FUSE Preschool Teacher
Meghan has a Master’s Degree in Special Education and Educational Psychology, and a Bachelors in Social Work and Psychology. She has worked with young children in various settings such as preschools, foster care, and as a cheerleading and gymnastics coach. Meghan facilitates play-based social groups for FUSE and is a FUSE Summer Camp counselor. She is in the process of becoming RDI certified.